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“Dark Peak” teaser trailer: “An Evil Fell, An Evil Will Rise”

A group of four University friends embark on a hike to a mysterious WWII Bomber crash site looking for answers.
What they encounter is an Evil force which has laid hidden for almost 60 years.


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The Other Side – a Timely Reminder Magnified by Recent Events in Gaza.

  As the Israeli/Palestian conflict escalates, “The Other Side” our international awarding winning  short film of 2011, is a touching reminder of the consequence of this continued conflict. Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/94471069


Little Us Films are an Independent UK Film Production Company, based in the North of England, in the heart of rural Yorkshire, dedicated to producing a varied range of Motion Picture Film content.

Over the past five years, Little Us Films have produced a selection of International Award Winning Short Films, screening at numerous prestigious film festivals around the world.

At the heart of our ethos lies an old school dedication to the visceral craft of filmmaking. We’re working with the most talented writers, directors, technicians and creatives that embrace our principles, our passion for storytelling and our ambition to produce high quality, entertaining feature films.

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    Dark Peak

    A group of friends embark on a hike to a mysterious WWII bomber crash site, located in an area known as ‘Dark Peak’ – dubbed the Bermuda Triangle of the North of England where, to date, over fifty planes have crashed without explanation or a single body being recovered. What they encounter is an Evil force, laid hidden for almost 60 years, which is about to rise again.

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    “Tortured” tells the story of an ex-Marine’s struggle to cope with civilian life.Starring Ricci Harnett (Rise Of The Foot Solider, 28 Days Later), “Tortured” is the directorial debut of Manchester writer Chris Green – (Best Laid Plans, Desperate Measures)

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    The Argument

    “One of these days that’s gonna be it!” Following yet another domestic argument Maureen is left to reflect on her forty-year marriage to Colin.

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    The Other Side

    A simple soccer ball sparks an unusual friendship between two young boys on opposite sides of the Israeli and Palestinian separation wall. Can this wordless and gaze free relationship over come the seemingly inevitable escalation of conflict, manifested by the wall’s towering presence?

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    Daniel needs to deliver to the 33rd floor of a tall office building. Yet, he only takes the elevator to the 26th floor, and climbs the remaining seven floors on foot. Why?